VLC Streamer

VLC Streamer 4.30

Stream VLC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod


  • Simple to use
  • Streams almost all formats


  • No way to see time remaining on clip
  • No position syncing
  • Does not stream DRM content from iTunes store


If you want to stream video from VLC media player to your iPhone, iPad or iPod then VLC Streamer may be the solution you've been looking for,

VLC Streamer is an app for iOS that streams videos from your Mac or PC over your WiFi connection to your iOS device. It's very simple and there's no need to perform conversions or manually move files. A free setup helper gets you up and running streaming quickly and allows you to browse local drives, and Windows network drives. You should be able to see streaming video after a few seconds of setup.

VLC Streamer provides support for multiple resolutions and streaming quality levels and TV Out support for iPad and iPhone4. VLC Streamer supports most video formats although there are some that it cannot stream and the developer recommends trying the trial version first. Note that VLC Streamer does not play DRM protected videos either which excludes content from the iTunes Store unfortunately.

VLC Streamer is a useful solution for anyone that wants to stream video content to their iPhone, iPad or iPod from their Mac or PC.

Minor update to movie info Translation updates


  • Minor update to movie info Translation updates

VLC Streamer


VLC Streamer 4.30

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